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6.29 ct Natural Opal Pendant & Necklace
6.29 ct Natural Opal  Pendant  & Necklace
6.29 ct Natural Opal  Pendant  & Necklace
6.29 ct Natural Opal  Pendant  & Necklace

6.29 ct Natural Opal Pendant & Necklace

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The most valuable opals are Australian black opals and fire opals.
Australian opals are the best quality and more valuable.
Most opals come from Australia,some from Ethiopia and Mexico. 
Fire opals from Australia are bright multi-colors and the Orange fire opals comes from Mexico.
Customer Feedback
*Beautiful and delicate - nice quality, thank you.
*Beautiful opal ring. Well made, nicely packaged. boulevard.of.dreams - NATURAL OPAL 925 SILVER RING
*Beautiful and delicate - nice quality, thank you.
*Stunning, big & beautiful! Great communication! Would buy from again! AAA seller -bgsglgw 
6 ct Blue Sapphire & .84 ct White Sapphire Silver Ring 
*Awesome bracelet, beautiful stones, great seller. My wife loved it! kwbmw76   -  75pcs
An Opportunity To Own Attainable Luxury
Landeau gemstone jewelry have quality gems hand set in sterling silver with very unique designs. Gems are selected for their color, clarity and crafted cut that have some form of treatment so they can be an attainable luxury. We do offer some untreated gems such as Imperial Topaz, a Landeau Specialty.
We provide our customers with the opportunity to own jewelry that have the look of very expensive gems for a few hundred dollars. High end jewelry store sell similar items for a much higher price because of the high rents and overhead costs. Our guarantee and service is our hallmark.
    6.2 ct Opal  Pendant  & Necklace    
SETTING: 925 Sterling Silver
GEM:  Opal  ( Natural )  6.2 ct   14.6 x 11.4
SHAPE/CUT:  Oval Cabochon 
TREATMENT: NONE 100% Natural
Pendant: 21 x 12 mm   ( .83 x .47 in )
Chain:  18 in x 1 mm 925 Sterling Silver
WEIGHT:  19.95 ct  ( Total Weight ) 
COLOR:  White ( multi-color ) 
ORIGIN GEMS : Ehtiopia

Why you pay so much less for Landeau Jewelry !

 Most people believe that gemstones must cost thousands of dollars. In some cases this is true however,we are able to purchase attractive gems on the world market for much less in the range of $80 to $300. Hence why we can sell our jewelry for hundreds of dollars instead of thousands.

Our IGS membership keeps us up to date on world markets and gem information
so we can offer our customers the best quality Gems at the best price.